Maritime Travel

Eurasia Travel Network is able to manage a wide portfolio of clients from shipping companies, ship owners and managers, to offshore corporations. We offer high quality service solutions to more than 20.000 seafarers servicing 700 vessels worldwide, effectively dealing with demanding deadlines. Our expertise in dealing with the nature and diversity of the marine industry, allows us to effectively manage large crew changes and last minute travel, providing up-to-date relevant legislation (e.g. MLC, ISPS).

Corporate Travel

Eurasia Travel Network offers tailor made corporate solutions for all of our clients. Our experienced corporate travel consultants have a clear understanding of executive travel needs and their expectations, with custom based solutions offered for every client. We are working closely with corporate clients to better understand their needs and provide the best solutions. Our flexibility and responsiveness position us in direct match with our corporate clientele.

What we offer


Finding the right airfare to suit your needs is tricky these days. Meta searches on wellknown websites can be misleading and have hidden costs. Our expert team of Travel Consultans make sure you receive the fare you need for yout business trip, including everything you want and nothing you don’t e.g. baggage, seat reservations and meals. From long haul flights to multi-lrg trips, you can leave it to us.


We partner with well-known hotel aggregators like, and Expedia, among others, so that you may have the lowest available rates, at any given moment.
Where a client has significant hetel expenditure, we create a hotel program for them by negotiating with hetels directly based on information about expenditure and locations.


Having a network of local providers allow us to deliver our clients optimal solutions.


Trip Planner – An essential Travel Management Solution
Combining the long-lasting and in-depth understanding of the marine and corporate travel sectors from ETN with the key knowledge and expertise in offering digital solutions to the marine and corporate industry by MariApps Marine Solutions (sister company), we can help businesses excel in today’s competitive and demanding environment.